Friday, June 13, 2014

Diseaseless Program Review - What Is Jaundice?

How do you know whether your baby has jaundice: 

The color of a newborn baby dark red usually is difficult for the parents often see the presence of yellow color in the skin of the child only if the color is intense and things that facilitates the discovery of the presence of jaundice is the pressure of the baby's skin in a simple and note the change in color of the skin of the child toward the Yellow.

And the best place for it is the front or nose of the child and must note the color of the child under the sunlight or normal neon light because there are simple things give a false impression that the color of the baby yellow much which is in fact so you should not notice the color of the baby's skin under the color of the red bulb and should not dress a baby clothes yellow during the period of jaundice because it suggests that the color of the child plus yellowing All of this of course does not replace the need for taking the opinion of the doctor. Ken Drew & Dr. Patel Program

Treatment of jaundice in the newborn: Mild cases The medium of jaundice go away on their own without treatment Cases of jaundice severe need separate treatment in the hospital by neon private or alter the baby's blood must be emphasized here that the neon light normal at home does not help in the treatment and also give water and sugar to a child or serum diabetes and things that help to speed the demise of jaundice is a lot of emphasis on parental feeding a special case: very few cases of newborn jaundice need to stop breastfeeding parental for several days and this only be decided by the pediatrician.

Sleep problems in children:

Frequent occurrence of these disorders in sleep during childhood may be transient or intermittent or chronic in nature. Show how sleep problems. Linked terrible bedtime often with cases of natural Chapter child custody center or kindergarten. Paroxysmal sleep disorder is resulting in several episodes of sleep during the day and inertia and paralysis.You May Also Contact us.

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