Thursday, June 12, 2014

Diseaseless Program - How Pretending Asthma Disease

How pretending asthma: leads and irritation to the child's sense of shortness of breath, cough and breathing and panting and vary the intensity of the disease from a child to another and therefore some children with develop spaced and some are infected seasonal and some are infected close and severe.

Parents can estimate the severity of the asthma attack l great collaborator use device called a maximum flow in the house signs of an asthma attack Light:

- The difficulty of mild breathing
- rush mild breathing
- The child can speak naturally
- Slight cough and p shortness of breath is simple
- keep baby's skin color naturally
- Child remains conscious and the activism naturally
- can here baby monitor and give him medication for an enlarged bronchi. Diseaseless Program Review

Signs of an asthma attack Medium:

- Difficulty Medium breathing
- haste clear breathing
- Child finds it difficult to speak take a short sentences only
- Cough and shortness of breathe average
- "has become the color of the baby pale
- Child remains conscious and able Aliya do activism natural to some extent
- must be here to start giving the baby his medication expanded tubing and call your doctor signs of an asthma attack severe:
- Severe difficulty in breathing
- Shortness of breath, coughing and speeds up breathing so severe
- Obvious difficulty in speech child single words only
- It becomes the color of skin Child pale or bluish
- The child becomes non-conscious and seems to be exhaustion and tends to sleep
- should be here, contact your doctor immediately or the nearest department ambulance signs that

Indicate that the child's condition heading towards the worst:

- increased cough and breathlessness
- Lack of improvement in the child's condition, despite giving him his medication usual
- Signs of lack of control over the disease when the child:
- visit a doctor commas close
- To accept the child's hospitalization or intensive care
- continuing symptoms despite treatment is given, especially at night asthma treatment. Visit to Contact Us.

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