Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ken Drew - Diseaseless Program - Sexual Intercourse For Heart Patients

And a feed that the use of Viagra does not pose any risk even for men who were previously stroke, heart attack if they were able to do physical exercise reduce 4, 5 METS but they stop sexual contact immediately and consult their doctor if they were symptoms of a heart attack or pain in the chest or shortness of breath during sexual intercourse.

As for the new drug «Levitra» the its side effects are similar to the symptoms of Viagra, but without the changes theory may reduce blood pressure by 5 to 10 milliseconds Lemaitre Mercurial warns use whatsoever to do with medicine nitrate has demonstrated its safety and free of any serious side effects or effect on the heart or cause death but warns its use in some rare cases, which shows where the defect in the ECG in terms of the extension period. Diseaseless Program Review

Q - T or if the patient deals with drug Anti inhibitor alpha one user to cases of benign pro-static hyperplasia, which may cause a significant drop in blood pressure if used with this property and with other drugs Cialis and Viagra.

A study was conducted on 41 men suffering from shortness of coronary arteries they ran on a circular motion after taking Levitra and grain false yielded similar results between them without the occurrence of any significant change in heart rate or blood pressure, or symptoms of heart attack or any defect in the ECG which proved the safety of this drug even when there is a blockage in one of the arteries.

Has also confirmed several global studies the effectiveness of the drug Cialis «Senates» which continues to have effect for about 36 hours, which was not associated with any serious complications or any effect on the heart or blood even when some of the men who were previously suffered a heart attack and recovered entirely of them were its side effects minor and similar to the symptoms of Viagra and Levitra, but without the occurrence of any abnormalities theory not to mention that the percentage of back pain and muscle rose to about 7% with its use. 

CONCLUSION: There is a close correlation between the causes of cardiovascular disease and sexual dysfunction with a high incidence of each of them if one of them wounded man.

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